MLG Solutions

Security is the top priority at airports, and there are certain areas where access must be strictly controlled. Consequently, monitoring crossing points between the landside and the airside is one of every airport operator’s main tasks.

The growing number of passengers at airports means that efficient organisation of customer flow and security is even more imperative. Departing passengers reach the gate on the airside (the area beyond the security check) and from the landside, and arriving passengers move from the airside to the landside via entry locks. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that nobody can switch to the airside through these locks. Objects must also Curtain call for airport security be prevented from reaching the airside via this route, regardless of how small they are.

The MLG solution

The MLG is a light curtain that has already been accepted at numerous airports as an integrated sensor solution for installed non-return locks. Interruption of at least one light beam by any person or object is signalled via the switching output or data interface. The resolution of this light curtain is so fine that flat objects sliding along the hall floor or the ceiling of the lock – or even thrown through it – are detected.

The direction is detected using a ‘duo’ concept (two MLGs installed side-by-side a few millimetres apart). Passage through the lock in the proper direction is recognised as ‘in order’. A person or object interrupting the system in the wrong direction, however, triggers the system output to transmit a signal notifying the alarm control unit. An added advantage is that SICK can offer qualified support during project planning, implementation, maintenance and servicing of the sensors.

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