The TiM3xx is the next step in the evolution of laser scanners. The sensor uses SICK’s new high-definition distance measurement (HDDM) technology, which reduces machine downtime due to its extremely high measurement reliability and immunity to ambient light.

The design of the TiM3xx offers a large detection range of up to 10m. This compact sensor is one of the smallest laser scanners on the market, making it easily hidden from view. Its ‘touch and teach’ feature enables users to set the sensor’s surveillance area without a PC. In addition, 16 preconfigured fieldsets (three fields a set) can be selected via the inputs.

The TiM3xx is a flexible, cost-efficient and easy-to-use laser scanner for applications in logistics and factory automation. It can be used on fixed applications or mobile vehicles. With its low power consumption and rugged design, plus optional protection cover and shock absorber, the TiM3xx is ideal for AGVs and other industrial vehicles.


  • Field of view: 270°
  • Operating range: 0.05m – 4m
  • Maximum range with 10% reflectivity: 2m
  • Scanning frequency: 15Hz
  • Connectivity: USB and micro USB
  • Weight 150g