The semi-automatic baggage loading system LoadCommander is ready to be tested by interested parties from today. On the premises of Wipotec in Kaiserslautern, a showroom has been specially created for this purpose. With a complete LoadCommander installation, realistic airport scenarios can be recreated and tested.

Trolleys and ULDs (Unit Load Devices) are available, as well as a wide selection of articles of luggage. Appointments are available for immediate booking.Following its successful debut at InterAirport 2011 this is a crucial next step. The live demonstrations were already meeting with a great deal of interest, but on a crowded exhibition stand it is only possible to simulate a limited range of possible applications.

"Visitors to the stand showed significant interest in trying out and testing LoadCommander for themselves," said Rudolf Schaefer, Eckelmann AG. "In the showroom we are offering interested parties the possibility to get to know LoadCommander better and carry out their own loading operations. Personal experience always makes the best case."

In addition, it is possible to discuss specific requirements and modifications with the experts. It was clear from many conversations at InterAirport that although in every airport there are the same physical and economic problems of baggage handling to solve, the precise conditions that a baggage loading system would operate in are very different.

This is true both from the perspective of space requirements and also the interconnection of existing systems in baggage logistics and IT. A seamless integration of LoadCommander, customised to the existing infrastructure will optimise performance.

"We accompany our customers at every stage in the process of introducing LoadCommander. The experienced consortium behind LoadCommander means a secure solution for the customer."