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Increasing efficiency and safety at airports with the award-winning Passenger Flow Management Platform

Analysing the passengers’ flow within the airport, improving operational efficiency and increasing safety during the pandemic is more crucial than ever.

Jon Sikorski Q&A: self-service check-in with eezeetags

As aviation looks towards a new normal, self-service technology can play a key part in transforming the passenger experience into the new normal.

Frequentis: ATC contingency approaches to keep services operating safely

Ensuring air traffic control (ATC) services operate consistently and without interruption is critical, even more so with Covid-19 limiting travel, as well as throughout the recovery of the sector.

Hog Technologies Webinar: What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry

Hog Technologies is presenting its “What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry” webinar on Friday 20 November.

Restoring passenger confidence post-Covid-19: Q&A with eezeetags founder Borry Vrieling

With the airline industry being heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, restoring passenger confidence in air travel will play a big part in getting the industry moving again.

How to Enhance the Passenger Journey in the New Normal

The world is moving towards a ‘new normal’ post-Covid-19 and the aviation industry has restarted its operations with a focus on the safety of passengers and staff. In a webinar hosted by TAV Technologies, we will discuss how to enhance the passenger journey in the new normal.

Solving Today’s Airport Cleaning Challenges: How to Restore Traveler Confidence Through Best Practices and Robotics

The global Covid-19 pandemic has prioritised cleaning efficacy in airports and other high-traffic locations, but what is the new standard for cleanliness, and how can airport operations and facilities executives rise to meet one of the greatest challenges of their careers?

Extensive air traffic management support and services

Air Traffic Solutions (ATS) offers an extensive range of air traffic management (ATM) support services, ranging from airspace management to system implementation and training.

A complete solution for managing airport operations

Airport operations are sophisticated and costly, with modern technology creating complex environments for both passengers and staff. This has made operational efficiency and passenger experience crucial.

Frequentis: providing ATM-grade and resilient networks as a service

Consistent and reliable network performance without service interruption is essential for the safety-critical air traffic management (ATM) environment.