The world is moving towards a ‘new normal’ post-Covid-19 and the aviation industry has restarted its operations with a focus on the safety of passengers and staff. Meeting passenger expectations in this phase is crucial to boosting confidence in air travel.

In a webinar hosted by TAV Technologies, we will discuss how to enhance the passenger journey in the new normal. The first part of the webinar will cover passenger expectations following Covid-19 and how the passenger experience will change. In the second part, we will focus on the technologies that will re-build traveller confidence in-depth.

This webinar will address:

  • New reality of passengers comparing old habits and new habits
  • Hygiene at Airports: health accreditation and certification
  • Touchless passenger flow and seamless travel experience
  • Shifting of travel stress locations
  • Passenger comfort and travel motivation
  • Improved social distancing with queue management technologies
  • Importance of touchless technologies to increase safety
  • How the online pre-order platform will help both airports and passengers

Speakers at the event will feature:

  • Nejat Kurt, TAV Airports Macedonia, Deputy General Manager, operations:
    “Passenger Experience and Expectations after COVID-19”
  • Aziz Can Aksoyek, TAV Technologies, Head of Sales and Business Development:
    “Rebuilding Traveler Confidence by Technology”

Presented by Sevil Çalışkan Özcan, TAV Technologies Marketing Manager.

Click here to register to attend this webinar and learn more about passenger expectations after Covid-19 and how technology will help airports to exceed these expectations.

The event will be streamed from Istanbul, Turkey, on 9 December at 2pm (GMT+3).