Hog Technologies Webinar: What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry

17 November 2020 (Last Updated November 17th, 2020 16:04)

Hog Technologies is presenting its “What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry” webinar on Friday 20 November.

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Hog Technologies Webinar: What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry

Hog Technologies is presenting its “What the Stripe Hog Can Do for the Airport Industry” webinar on Friday 20 November.

There will be two webinar sessions at 9am EST and 3pm EST that anyone can sign up for and join in on. This webinar will focus on the features and benefits of our award-winning Stripe Hog water blasting systems how they can be beneficial for the airport industry.

We will discuss everything from high-level performance, reduced cost of operation, job efficiency, quality of results, and much more.

The Stripe Hog is available in both PTO and auxiliary engine-driven systems with some models having the option to be mounted to a chassis, skid, or trailer. The Stripe Hog also comes in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of any job. All of our units feature a 40,000psi Jetstream pump and have flow rates ranging from 5.2GPM to 24GPM. For airports, specifically, the Stripe is great at performing runway rubber removal, airfield marking removal, airfield marking rejuvenation, surface retexturing, hydraulic spill clean-up, gate cleaning, and much more.

The Stripe Hog also has a variety of tools and attachments available to make any job easier. Our Ground Hog HT1000 walk-behind unit, and our Hog Rider HT2500 tractor can tether to any Stripe Hog and operate up to 300ft away from the unit. For vertical surfaces, you can attach our lightweight Hog Waller HT1100 hand tool.

In addition, we have our new 48in-wide triple spray bar for wide-pass marking removal, marking rejuvenation, or surface retexturing. Some models, like the SH24.0, can support up to three of these triple spray heads for a 96in-wide blasting path (including overlap).

We also have our brand-new Hog Tusk attachment that contains both water jet nozzles and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grinding teeth. With the Hog Tusk, you can grind markings down to the surface and use the water jet nozzles to remove the remainder of the marking from the surface’s macro and micro texture. This method consumes half the water and removes markings twice as fast. You can also use either the grinding or water blasting functions independently without swapping out the head.

All of this and more will be discussed in this upcoming webinar! You’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss it. Register here.

The Stripe Hog is the most recognised brand in water blasting across the world, already operating in over 80 countries. Currently, 93% of North American airports that own a water blaster, own a Stripe Hog.

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The Stripe Hog range of auxiliary engine-driven water blasters offers dewatering systems that filter collected debris water down to 100 micron, allowing the debris to be dumped in a nearly dry state. They come with patented bladder tanks and jets that can be inspected from inside the cab. Hog Technologies also provides unparalleled support, including 24/7 technical support and operator training.

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