Air Traffic Solutions (ATS) offers an extensive range of air traffic management (ATM) support services, ranging from airspace management to system implementation and training.

Operating throughout Australia and the Middle East, the company has been working with clients globally with the support of industry partners to enhance the scope of work. Read more about these services below.

Airspace design

ATS assists with airspace design, including aerodrome obstacle safeguarding calculation, instrument flight procedure development, and advice (under the umbrella on a CASA Part 173 MOS certified provider), flight path segregation and deconfliction, heliport obstacle safeguarding (including approach / departure path planning) and One Engine Inoperative departure path planning.

Advocacy and lobbying

Our team’s long-established and respected relationships with the key industry, government and service providers enables us to streamline and expedite changes to support your business.

Environmental impact studies

Environmental impact studies are available to meet the requirements of airspace change proposals can be provided by qualified industry professionals.

Airspace studies

We have the expertise and knowledge to provide airport operators with a comprehensive airspace study to ascertain actual airspace requirements and service provision required.

Concept of operation development

Our staff have expert knowledge in the development of concept of operations documents to assist with product selection processes.

Procedure development

We are able to provide either procedure updates or new procedure development to support the introduction of new systems.

Online training

Providing the ultimate in convenience, ATS has the resources to deliver online training modules that support regulatory requirements, such as DAMP, WHS and can expertly tailor training solutions to meet the specific professional development needs of your business.

Safety management

Highly regarded industry safety specialists are available to ensure all regulatory and customer-specific safety management system requirements are met.

System and adaptation development

Our team are highly experienced and regarded experts in the development of system adaption requirements and end-user HMI.

System commissioning support

We are able to provide full support for system commissioning, including training and technical support.

Technical planning, development and integration

We are able to provide the expertise to fully plan and deploy complex technical systems. Whether your needs are a greenfield site or retrofitting an existing facility, our people have the skills needed for a successful transition.

Training needs analysis and delivery

Our team can carefully assess current skills against new system requirements and plan and deliver the necessary targeted training required.

Transition planning and implementation

Our team is highly skilled in all facets of operational and technical transition planning, development and implementation. Our team was involved in the recent highly successful transition of Gold Coast Tower from legacy ATC equipment to state of the art INTAS equipment.

User needs / requirement analysis

Our team is highly experienced in the interpretation of user needs, and the application of these needs into system requirements.

ATC training software

In conjunction with Visual Vectoring, ATS is able to supply and support ATC Training Software for ab-initio Approach and Enroute Surveillance Training. We can also provide basic training and practice simulation for managing Compromised Separation events, to assist in maintaining the highest ATC standards.