Changing passenger behaviours are forcing the aviation industry to take radical actions. Optimising airport resources while providing a seamless passenger experience is challenging for airports of all sizes during the changing demand. Aviation needs to acquire new approaches and take advantage of technological developments.

TAV Technologies’ Passenger Flow Management Platform offers improved queue performance by employing deep learning algorithms to analyse real-time people counts, dwell, and wait times. The platform also supports operators with predictions by creating models with machine learning algorithms developed over historical data, encouraging a proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

The Passenger Flow Management Platform helps airports to improve their performance by managing their capacity problems. The system analyses the bottlenecks that cause the long queues that result in a significant increase in waiting times at the airports, disrupt operational processes and cause flight delays that are costly for operators. By solving the bottleneck problems, the airports can decrease their operational costs.

Meantime, the platform simplifies implementations of the security measures that come into our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic. Having advanced situational awareness helps airport operators to identify crowded areas and take necessary precautions to minimise transmission of the disease. With the platform’s advanced real-time notifications, operators can easily direct their personnel where the physical distancing rules are violated. The Passenger Flow Management Platform’s business intelligence tools powered by big data help airports to minimise the risk of contamination by taking measures such as more frequent disinfection, cleaning, and ventilation for areas that are busiest at the airport. The platform also provides passengers with directions to their flight in the shortest route possible, reducing the wait times and ultimately enhancing the passenger experience.

TAV Technologies’ award-winning solution aims to control passenger density while ensuring optimum resource planning, considering the necessary security measures. The platform provides perfect comfort for both airport operators and passengers. Passengers can observe information such as queue lengths and possible wait times even before reaching the airport. With this functionality, passengers can make precise travel plans taking into consideration the time spent at the airport.

The platform modernises the business and commercial processes of the airports increasing the non-aviation revenues, thanks to the ecosystem created with the mobile application, kiosk, website, digital signage, and possible loyalty programmes for each airport on the platform. The revolutionary modular architecture of the platform is scalable for airports of all sizes and aims to cover all necessary digital communication channels.

Using its vast experience in delivering operational excellence, TAV Technologies analysed every possible airport operator requirement and tailored its solution in collaboration with every stakeholder. The platform’s excellence-oriented approach offers unique dashboards and permissions for different airport subsidiaries, which ultimately optimises every airport process. The platform also offers multi-airport support enhanced with business intelligence features regardless of the physical environment.