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Torino Airport peddles towards sustainability goals

Stationary bikes that charge passengers’ phones are the latest in a series of green initiatives developed by Torino Airport. We find out about the project and how it fits into the sustainable framework of Torino Green Airport.

DHL bets on electric cargo planes to deliver on zero emissions

DHL Express has announced the order of 12 electric-aircraft from Seattle-based manufacturer Eviation to add to its electric fleet in an effort to reduce the company’s CO2. We profile the aircraft and what benefits they will bring to the company’s roadmap to sustainability.

Q&A: Weathering the Covid-19 storm as a US regional airport

As a regional airport, Pennsylvania’s Erie International Airport was used to seeing around 100,000 passengers per year, but when the pandemic hit the business hub saw its traffic volume shrink by around 60%. We talk to Erie International, to find out how it managed to weather the Covid-19 storm and, 18 months later, go back to being self-sufficient.

The world’s best airports according to Travel + Leisure

New York-based magazine Travel + Leisure has published the winners of its World’s Best Awards, where it crowns the world’s best tourism services, from hotels and spas to airlines and airports. We find out which five international airports came top.

European Commission aviation pollution tax proposal fuels debate

The European Commission recently proposed an EU-wide minimum tax rate for polluting aviation fuels such as kerosene to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. We analyse the proposal’s impact, its wider context and the reasons it has proved divisive.

UK DfT investigates young people’s perception of aviation

The UK Government’s Department for Transport has published research on the perception young adults and adolescents have of the aviation industry to tackle the lack of new talent entering the sector. We delve into the report to find out what young people really think of aviation.

How Alitalia’s transition to ITA will affect the workforce

Italian carrier Alitalia will cease to exist on 15 October, when it will be replaced with a new and distinct corporation, Italia Trasporto Aereo, which will begin operations with 52 aircraft and 2,750 employees. We find out the motives behind Alitalia’s end, what the transition entails and how it will affect the current 11,000 Alitalia employees.

Q&A: ramping up air traffic modernisation with Inmarsat

UK telecommunications giant Inmarsat recently announced its participation in Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator programme, which sets out to test the aviation industry’s most promising technologies. We speak with Inmarsat about its participation in the programme and how its Iris traffic modernisation system can improve airspace usage and reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

Air India: How to prevent cyberattacks in the aviation industry

The recent theft of 4.5 million of Air India’s customers’ data highlights how cybersecurity has become a major concern for the aviation sector. We analyse the incident to understand how impacted aviation is by cybersecurity threats, how they differ from physical ones and what the industry can do to protect itself.

Analysing the FAA’s decision to downgrade Mexico’s safety ratings

The US Federal Aviation Agency has recently downgraded Mexico’s safety rating because of a lack of compliance with international safety standards. We find out how the FAA came to its conclusion and what Mexico’s reaction was.