Airport manager ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has ordered an explosive detection system from electronic components manufacturing company OSI Systems.

The order, valued at around $20m, will see OSI Systems’ security division supplying multiple units of its Real Time Tomography (RTT) 110 (RTT 110) to the airport.

OSI Systems will deploy the units at several airports across Portugal to screen hold (checked) baggage of travellers. In addition, the company has been tasked with offering ongoing maintenance, service, and support for the installations.

OSI Systems chairman and CEO Deepak Chopra said: “We are excited to support this customer with our leading CT checked baggage screening solution that is widely deployed at major international airports.

“As airports continue to upgrade and expand their infrastructure to meet the latest screening standards, improve baggage throughput and air passenger safety, we continue to invest in innovative solutions and technology to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.”

OSI Systems’ RTT uses a proprietary stationary gantry approach to offer high resolution 3-D imaging. Its design is said to enable efficient inspection of hold baggage and air cargo without compromising threat detection standards.

Compared to existing CT systems, the RTT 110 technology accurately detects an increased range of explosive threats and banned items, such as liquid explosives.

It provides complete 3-D images of objects at speeds of more than 1800 bags per hour. The RTT110 is intended to provide better security at a lower overall cost of ownership and has been deployed by several airports and air logistics providers.

The technology complies with the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) HBS EDS Standard 3 threat detection norms.