As global air travel continues to grow, it has become important to deliver information to passengers in the most concise and personalised manner via technology such as airport signage.

Airport digital signage solution are one of the most effective ways to share real-time information with passengers, facilitating a seamless travel experience, while generating revenues from non-aviation businesses, as well as maintaining operational excellency for airport performance and operational profit. 

Other lesser-known benefits of digital signage solutions include: 

  • Advanced self-check-ins 
  • Emergency safety solutions 
  • Face detection to avoid threats 
  • Food and beverage pre-order and delivery
  • Virtual events and expos

Finding airport digital signage solutions companies

Airport Technology has listed leading suppliers of airport digital signage solutions, including airport analytics and display systems, airport time systems, information management systems (incl. AODB), flight information display systems (FIDS), IT solutions for regional airports, airport digital signage software, self-service, information and security solutions, airport passenger information display solutions, and wayfinding, signage and passenger experience solutions.

The list also includes suppliers of real-time airport communication software, low-power, small form factor embedded computers for airport information systems, and LED technology for airports.

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Applications of airport display systems 

Airport display systems need to be highly versatile, scalable and responsive to meet the diverse information display needs of airports around the world.

Some of the applications of airport display systems include multi-user flight information, electronic visual information, baggage, gate, and ramp information, and visual and emergency messaging systems. 

Indoor LED display systems also allow shops, restaurants, and pubs at airports to promote their content and can function as digital menu boards while airport lounge display systems offer a relaxing experience to passengers waiting to catch flights through immersive displays. Airport information display systems can also be used to captivate passengers through attractive advertising of a country, heritage, or culture.