O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in the US has upgraded its de-icing infrastructure with a centralised de-icing facility powered by JCAII solutions.

Canada-based company JCAII has teamed up with American Airlines, United Airlines, and the Chicago Department of Aviation to provide this facility to the airport.

The facility is said to be the country’s largest, centralised de-icing facility.

The solution, developed in a bid to maximise efficiency while ensuring safety, went live in December last year.

ORD, which faces heavy snowfall for several months, took into account several factors while choosing a supplier. These included the ability to grow throughput, enhance safety protocols and deploy its solution on a large scale.

JCAII president Jeff Campbell said: “O’Hare had unique and sophisticated requirements, and they really stretched us to meet this challenge. They were extremely competent and knowledgeable and they knew what they wanted.”

JCAII equipped the airport with SmartPad and IceLink technology for digitalising the process of winter airline operations and creating a foundation for an interactive platform.

Its geospatial console offers the precise location of every flight and truck.

It also automates the process of progress updates, reporting and truck assignments through real-time applications, minimising manual entries for dispatchers, pilots and de-icers.

By using Electronic Messaging Boards, SmartPad minimises the need for personnel on the pad.

It also provides guidance to pilots to exact locations in the pad via surface guidance and camera detection systems.

Meanwhile, IceLink’s corresponding Remote Tower View automates data capture and telemetry between de-icing operators and trucks while synchronising operations in a single view.