Smiths Detection has secured a new contract to supply 35 units of its advanced HI-SCAN 10080 XCT hold baggage scanner to Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

The scope of the order also includes an associated service agreement for a period of eight years.

The installation of the new scanners will enable Frankfurt Airport to modernise its solutions to the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 explosives detection systems that will provide enhanced security and operational efficiency to the airport baggage system.

Smiths Detection Europe, Middle East and Africa vice-president Tony Tielen said: “This contract represents our largest single order to date for ECAC Standard 3-compliant hold baggage scanners.

“Frankfurt was one of the very first airports we supplied with security equipment over fifty years ago, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to continue protecting Germany’s busiest airport.”

"This contract represents our largest single order to date for ECAC Standard 3-compliant hold baggage scanners."

The HI-SCAN 10080 XCT system can easily be upgraded to meet future requirements that would help identify evolving threats, such as homemade explosives.

Smiths Detection’s hold baggage scanners feature high-resolution X-ray technology, medical-quality computed tomography (CT) and advanced detection algorithms to ensure improved levels of security.

The system, which supports a high throughput of up to 1,800 bags each hour, can accommodate items measuring up to 1,000mm x 800mm and can operate with a low false alarm rate to offer an upgraded screening process.

To be operated by the German Federal Police, the new scanners will be installed in Terminals 1 and 2 at Frankfurt Airport.

The company will deliver the equipment on a rolling basis between 2018 and 2021.

As a dual-energy X-ray line scanner with complete 3D volumetric computed tomography (CT) imaging and reconstruction, HI-SCAN 10080 XCT is designed specifically to integrate easily into newly-incorporated hold baggage system (HBS) configurations or as a replacement for existing baggage handling systems.