German flag carrier Deutsche Lufthansa (Lufthansa) has struck an agreement with the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) to avoid a second strike over a wage dispute.

The agreement follows the cancellation of 800 flights at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich last week due to the first strike by the same union.

VC pilots’ union called off the latest strike after Lufthansa promised to address monetary and structural problems over the next few days, reported Reuters.

Marcel Groels, responsible for the union’s collective bargaining policy, was quoted by the news agency as saying: “We are pleased that a result was reached at the negotiating table and that further disruption for customers, employees, and companies could be avoided.”

Yesterday, Lufthansa stated that the collective bargaining negotiations would continue with VC over the wage issue.

Till now, Lufthansa offered an increase of €500 on 1 September and €400 on 1 April next year.

“After the Vereinigung Cockpit collective bargaining demand was changed last Friday as a result of a ruling by the Munich labour court, the union will present the new demand for the first time today,” the airline said.

The union is now calling for a pay raise of 5.5% this year and an 8.2% hike next year in response to inflation.

Lufthansa labour director and chief human resources officer Michael Niggemann said: “It is regrettable that this wage dispute continues to escalate despite an agreed negotiation date.

“We lack any understanding of this course of action. The path of escalation is also wrong because we know that our pilots would much rather fly than strike. Nevertheless, we will do everything in our power to succeed with an improved offer, even under time pressure.”