Following an international tender process, SkySoft-ATM has been mandated by DFS (the German air navigation service provider), to supply a video and audio recording system which will be implemented into the Karlsruhe UAC.

This project confirms the expertise of SkySoft-ATM with regard to recording systems. “For many years our company has invested massively in the development of new technologies to provide the ATM market with state-of-the-art recording solutions,” said Pierre-Henri Guisan, the managing director of SkySoft-ATM.

This project will be probably the largest controller working position video and audio recording project carried out so far in Europe. More than 100 controller positions totaling over 500 screens and their respective voice channels, keyboards and mice will be recorded on a permanent basis.

“Our proposal is predominantly based on COTS components such as our SkyRec recording product range and standard commercial hardware components,” said Didier Berling, the deputy managing director of SkySoft-ATM.

The Skyrec package offers a compact and flexible solution. “One of the key advantages we particularly liked in SkySoft’s system is the ability to compress video data enormously without any deterioration of the image quality when replaying it,” said Oliver Kischlat, DFS project manager. “We have immediate access to synchronized video and audio data for event analysis [and] search and rescue missions, as well as for training needs.

This project will be delivered in six months, with minimum disruption of the current implementation of the new ATS system for the Karlsruhe UAC.”