Air Traffic Control and Management Systems

Rua Patrício Santana 85,
São José dos Campos,
São Paulo,
CEP 12230-080 Brazil

Rua Patrício Santana 85,
São José dos Campos,
São Paulo,
CEP 12230-080 Brazil

Saipher ATC is a company specialised in developing and implementing solutions for air traffic control and management. Saipher ATC systems are in use in over 100 Brazilian airdromes, covering operations ranging from AFIS radio stations operated by a single controller up to intense movements at international airports, military airport bases and other specific missions.

Since 2002, over 18 million landing and taking-off operations throughout Brazil have been managed by the systems.

Real-time air traffic control and management system

The TATIC® solution gathers a set of systems that increase the quality of air traffic control and management tasks, providing increased performance, efficiency and safety. Based on the collaborative decision making (CDM) concept, its modules operate within an interaction and data availability environment, providing real-time critical information for traffic management and decision making.

The TATIC® solution supports a high degree of customisation, allowing it to perform in different operational environments and workflows, regardless of the complexity and simultaneity of operations. The TATIC solution proposal is the complete solution to the ATC needs of each customer, providing HMI content such as screens and strips content and layouts, as well as the workflow (pre-defined behaviour and intelligence) of the system.

Air traffic control tower management system

The TATIC TWR is a control tower management system, which through its electronic flight progress strip (EFPS), allows the management and the archiving of all actions performed by aircraft that are in control of the operating entity.

Through native integrators, the TATIC TWR can exchange information with other local or remote systems, feeding or being fed by information shown in control centres, traffic-flow control entities, airlines, airport authorities, and others.

The information managed by the TATIC TWR is stored under several aspects and can be widely used in other management systems that make up the solution to provide reports, queries, extremely rich graphics and research data to help with planning and decision making regarding the operability of the locality.

Air traffic operation and management systems

Other TATIC systems include:

  • TATIC APP: operation and management for procedural terminal area approach control
  • TATIC HCP: operation and management for helicopter control
  • TATIC TMA: terminal area support
  • TATIC FIR: flight information region support
  • TATIC FLOW: air traffic-flow monitoring
  • TATIC CIA: airline aircraft movement management
  • TATIC ATIS: automated terminal information system management
  • TATIC D-ATIS: ATIS messages with DATALINK aid management
  • TATIC AIS: aeronautical information service operations and management
  • TATIC APRON: apron operation and management
  • TATIC SAOP: airport operations management
  • TATIC SUP: ATC / ATS facilities supervision
  • TATIC MGM: ATC / ATS facilities management

Saipher ATC has Installed Fifteen TATIC DCL Modules to Date

In August 2014, Saipher ATC initiated the deployment of TATIC DCL, a module that allows communication between control tower and aircraft through Datalink, therefore eliminating radio contact with the aircraft when authorising traffic.

Saipher ATC Starts Deployment its TATIC DCL Module

in August 2014, Saipher ATC initiated the deployment of TATIC DCL, a module which allows the communication between control tower and aircraft through Datalink, therefore eliminating radio contact with the aircraft when authorising traffic

Saipher ATC to Exhibit at World ATM Congress 2013

World ATM Congress, taking place between 12 and 14 February 2013 in Madrid, Spain, combines a large-scale exhibition, world-class conference, and social events providing premier networking opportunities and the chance to find out the latest trends and developments in air traffic control. It is backed by the world's leading air navigation service providers and industry suppliers.

SAIPHER ATC at ATCA Annual Conference and Exposition

SAIPHER ATC will be exhibiting at the ATCA 57th Annual Conference and Exposition, 1-3 October 2012 in Washington DC. The ATCA Annual Conference and Exposition celebrates its 57th year as North America's premier ATC / ATM conference, welcoming 3,000 attendees and over 120 exhibiting companies and organisations.

TATIC Solution at Cuiabá International Airport

Cuiabá International Airport, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, is equipped with TATIC TWR system, the latest solution for managing electronic flight progress strips in control towers.

Saipher ATC Ready to Install TATIC TWR in Five More Sites in Brazil

Beginning in October, in a partnership with ATC Systems, Saipher will resume installing its Electronic Strip Management System, TATIC TWR, in five more control towers in the Brazilian territory. Manaus, Porto Velho, Cuiabá, Foz do Iguaçu and Natal airports will have their control towers upgraded and will make use of the latest technological advances concerning electronic strips management software.

SAIPHER Will be Present at the 2011 Dubai Airport Fair Show

Saipher will be exhibiting at the International Airport Show to be held on the Airport Expo Center of Dubai, UAE, 31 May to 2 June 2011. The Airport Show is the largest airport dedicated exhibition in the region, showcasing more than 200 suppliers of equipment and services covering all

Saipher ATC Supplies Tower E-Strips System to INFRAERO, Brazil

Saipher ATC was elected by INFRAERO, the Brazilian provider for airport services and air navigation, to update the electronic flight strips systems in control towers in two of its most important airports; São Paulo and Campinas International Airports. The current electronic flight

Saipher ATC

Rua Patrício Santana 85

São José dos Campos

São Paulo

CEP 12230-080