in August 2014, Saipher ATC initiated the deployment of TATIC DCL, a module which allows the communication between control tower and aircraft through Datalink, therefore eliminating radio contact with the aircraft when authorising traffic. This technology is known as DCL (Datalink Clearance).

All communication will take place silently and automatically, enhancing accuracy when messages are exchanged and expediting take-off process at airports.

The biggest advantage of this Saipher module, in comparison with alternative solutions in other countries, is its innate integration with the TATIC TWR electronic flight strips system.

This allows the ATCO to work with aircraft that may or may not be equipped with DCL in a single interface without the need of any additional activity.

TATIC DCL is being implemented in Brazil, in partnership with SITA, and is estimated to be installed in 23 national airports by 2016.

For more information, please contact Saipher ATC.