kvm-tec’s Development Engineers Provide Enhanced KVM Switching Systems


Alexander is the technology hero from kvm-tec who, as a development engineer, ensures that a clever switching system has even cleverer technical features.

Smart and more – the connection wizard

When used in conjunction with a conventional network switch, the kvm-tec switching system transforms the extenders from kvm-tec into the perfect matrix switch. It is possible to connect together multiple workstations with multiple PCs (up to 480 ports).

The matrix switching system from kvm-tec delivers not only the familiar perfect video compression, latency of less than 5ms and exceptional value for money, but also a range of excellent features that are bound to impress.

Smart and more – when the features impress

  • Changeover via OSD menu, HOTKEY
  • User rights management
  • Switching without time delay
  • Sharing mode
  • Switching manager for simple operation via touchscreen

Smart and more – when the technology is spot on

In the kvm-tec switching system, it is possible to mix-and-match fibre and copper devices. Configuration of the switching system is extremely flexible, and optimum user rights can be defined for every application.

When thinking of smart connections by kvm-tec in the future, you will perhaps think of Alexander, the technical brain of the KVM matrix switching system – where switching without a time delay is the norm. Alexander, who likes to relax, travel and visit concerts in his spare time.

With the proven technology from kvm-tec, our technical team offers you perfect video compression with latency of less than 5ms, switching without a time delay, a sharing mode and exceptional value for money.

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