Integra Aviation Academy Norway (IAAN) was established in 2015 with a large eCoach air traffic control (ATC) simulation centre in Oslo, Norway.

The centre has since then served all the 20 controlled airports in Norway with ATC operator (ATCO) training, amongst others. Now, Danish authorities have approved a remote eCoach facility located in Odense, Denmark, connected to IAAN for Remote Piloting.

Danish company Integra Aviation Academy offers certified Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) operator education in Odense from February 2019.

“We are very pleased to see that our remote piloting concept has proven to be a success for our customer,” says Mr Lars A Aalvik, CEO of Edda Systems, the provider of the eCoach ATC simulator.

Currently, the main simulator centre in Oslo is connected via the internet to eCoach installations at both Gardermoen airport and Odense. Simulation sessions can be performed at all three sites at the same time, utilising human sim-pilot resources located virtually anywhere.

“The remote piloting concept is a great way to make efficient use of our sim-pilot human resources,” says Mr Henrik Schjølberg, general manager IAAN. “At the same time, we can serve ATCO training in Oslo, AFIS operator training in Odense, and advanced airport operations investigations at Gardermoen.”

“The Odense eCoach installation was established quickly and very cost efficiently as an expansion of the main ATC training centre in Norway,” says Mrs Nina Banke Rasmussen, general manager of Integra Aviation Academy. “It also enables very efficient use of our human resources in daily operations.”

“Using the built-in eCoach Voice Communication System (VCS), the student cannot notice if the sim-pilot is located in another country or next door,” says Mr Christian Fog Jensen, chief instructor at IAA.