Nilfisk Machines Used at South Korean National Airport’s Gates

Nilfisk-Advance has just finished delivering a large supply of Nilfisk machines to the Inchun National Airport in South Korea.

An exciting open biding

The airport held an open bidding through their cleaning company, which gave Nilfisk-Advance a chance to present their products. Nilfisk-Advance won the bidding and succeeded in delivering machines from almost their entire product portfolio, from the small single discs and vacuum cleaners to the big ride-on burnishers and scrubber/dryers.

Nilfisk-Advance also offered a free one-year warranty and a four-year payable service contract to ensure the quality of its products.

Positive effect

“This order has increased the knowledge and positive perception of our Nilfisk-Advance brand immensely. Most contract cleaning companies now know Nilfisk-Advance and the fact that Inchun National Airport is using Nilfisk machines,” Mr Chulhong Park of Nilfisk-Advance explained.

All the ordered products were delivered in December 2008 and January 2009, but were actually only half of the required machines from the airport. In 2009 the customer will buy more machines to be delivered during the next couple of months.

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