FINBIN® Media Bin is a next-generation solution providing cost-efficient digital advertising for targeted marketing campaigns.

Media Bins are equipped with digital screens and a media system managed by various web applications. Administrators can create, modify and schedule still, flash or video content, which can be displayed on the screens in real-time.

The media system connects to mobile and wireless local area networks (WLAN), allowing it to be accessed worldwide.

Media Bins are available with 32in-40in screens and integrated litter bins, which can be divided into one or two compartments. The solution can also be provided with a 55in screen and without litter bin units.

FINBIN® Media Bin is covered by iDiD digital signage management system, which offers the following features:

  • Remote management of information media shown in normal or touch screens.
  • Quick and easy to handle and schedule the content
  • External media streams can be added, such as flight or train schedules, news streams and social media
  • Web-based system and cloud service
  • Real-time media management
  • Media management by using web browser in different devices.