Runway distance markers

A NATO military airbase in Germany has recently been equipped with the innovative FLAT-Light runway distance markers (RDM) by All About Signs. The illuminated RDM and arrestor cable markers are based on the proven successful FLAT-Light concept that is operational on Luxembourg Airport and Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport. After introduction at civil airports, military airbases now also show confidence in the company’s runway distance markers.

The signs are specially designed to optimize the use of LED illumination with both serial and parallel circuits (2.2-6.6A or 230Vac). The Flat-Light LED concept uses up to 89% less energy than halogen illuminated signs. All About Signs also claims that their signs meet the cradle-to-cradle requirements, not only because of the 98% close-loop recyclability. The signs are stronger and very energy-efficient, resulting in the lowest CO2 emission on the market. This and the extreme low-maintenance frequency guarantee a very favorable total cost of ownership.

It is obvious that the signs fully comply with the STANAG, ICAO and FAA regulations on light output, color and strength. They have been tested and certified by the independent authorities DEKRA and VSL. Moreover, these signs are the only one available on the market that are IP65 protected against moisture and dust.

For more information, please contact All About Signs.