All About Signs presents a solar energy system for their taxiway guidance signs

The deadline for compliance with the European CO2 reduction for 2020 is getting closer. The first steps for airports to save energy by the use of energy efficient light sources are in process.

If energy consumption is reduced to a minimum, renewable energy becomes feasible. The All About Signs FLAT-Light LED concept for taxiway guidance signs and runway signs, uses only 14W per meter sign length. This makes the FLAT-Light TGS incredibly energy efficient suitable for the use of renewable energy.

All About Signs presents a solar energy system for its taxiway guidance signs that is developed in close co-operation with European Space Agency Innovation Center. This system operates solitaire with high capacity solar panels and a battery-pack the same as those used in satellites. The panels energise a battery-pack that powers the sign for at least 72 hours.

On top of all that, our signs can operate CO2 neutral!

Have a look at our renewable energy solution at stand 5065.