Red Box International were delighted when they were offered the chance to power the static aircraft during Helitech 2009 at the Duxford Imperial War Museum. At first it seemed like a simple task: supply each aircraft with a 100A power supply, run power from the mains and the units will run all day without a problem.
As with many things however, the solution wasn’t as simple as that. It was also requested that no mains cable should run through the static display, which meant it was impossible to use the 100A power supplies.

The answer was to use a selection of their battery start units. These units are designed to start all types of aircraft but, if required, can supply continuous power. It was important to provide power packs large enough to supply continuous power without allowing the units to be discharged too low.

The units used were the Red Box Twin RB75A. These units will give 3,500A peak starting. In addition they can supply 75A continuously for up to 1hr.

During the show Red Box powered over 30 helicopters for Bell Helicopter, MD Helicopters, Eurocopter, Harrods Aviation, Agusta Westland, Sloane Helicopters, Police Specialist Aviation, Heliair, PZL Swidnik, and Premiair. Although most aircraft were puling very little power, some, like the AW139, were pulling over 80A.

During the show the units were closely monitored by the Red Box team, swapping them over when necessary. Red Box International managed to power the show, by battery, with 100% success.

Red Box International also had their airlift on display. The system is capable of lifting aircraft of up to 1,350kg. This enables the user to position another aircraft under it, thus doubling the storage space.