Red Box International are pleased to announce the sale of 35 RBC6006 6KvA frequency converters to Qatar International Airways maintenance hangars and workshops, based at New Doha International Airport (NDIA), Doha, Qatar.

This significant sale was handled by Avicorp Middle East (AME), who are the Red Box agent in the region. AME worked with ADCC- JV, Site Technology and Bechtel who were all involved as contractors and consultants.

AME have worked tirelessly to win this contract in the face of fierce competition. The positive result is a testament to both companies drive and ambition, which coupled with an industry leading product and superb after sales service has resulted in success.

The Red Box range of TRU’s and frequency converters is now well known in the Middle East as both Red Box and Avicorp Middle East have capitalised on previous high profile contracts.

Red Box International MD, Adrian Jackson said: “Red Box International has enjoyed huge success in the MENA region now for many years as this latest contract illustrates. We feel there is still huge potential in the region and working with Avicorp Middle East means we will go from strength to strength.”