Alan has been working at Weld and Metal Craft for the last eight years, the first four of which while he was completing an apprenticeship towards his NVQ Level 3 in Fabrication and Welding at Eastleigh College, after leaving Alderman and Quilley School, in Hampshire.

During this time, Alan was able to gain a sound understanding of the industry, and a skill set including welding, CNC punching and sheet metal guillotine work.

Alan was selected to visit our American partners Priceless Aviation, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, for three weeks to learn about the aircraft tug manufacturing side of the business. The aim of the trip was to enable The Red Box Group to bring the manufacturing of our tugs to the UK.

Alan said: "I enjoyed learning and being involved with the process from start to finish, and helping to identify parts that needed improving and changes to be made."’

Alan learnt the assembly process from Edwin Ortiz, who heads up the team that build the aircraft tugs in the US. Alan was able to learn the differences between the tugs, and the components involved in building them.

Back in the UK, Weld and MetalCraft have completed the manufacture and assembly of six 701 tugs; with four more produced by the end of November, as well as four 709’s.