Velcon Filters (Velcon), a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Chemflo, a division of Process Filtration.

Chemflo, headquartered in Houston, Texas, US, was founded in 1998 by Clay Cravens. Chemflo specializes in the manufacturing of high-capacity filters and coalescers for petrochemical producers, refineries, pipeline companies, natural gas processors, the food and beverage industry and many other process industries. Chemflo works as a partner with leading companies worldwide to improve their process margins by improving filtration and separations.

Clay Cravens states that, “the combination of the two companies joins together great people, innovation and quality. For Chemflo’s customers, we achieve all of our internal goals to grow our value including vessel and systems fabrication, improved brand awareness, ISO 9001 and internal systems to continue to optimize products to meet customer needs.”

“The Velcon team believes this partnership will provide significant opportunities to further develop and expand the company’s reach, and to continue to provide excellent customer service.” said David Taylor, president and CEO of Velcon.

Velcon, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US, is a niche manufacturer of filtration systems, including vessels and replacement cartridges that meet specific requirements for fluid-filtration processes in a variety of domestic and international end-markets.

Velcon is a global leader in the filtration process for jet fuel delivery, manufacturing products that filter, purify and remove water from jet fuel along the transport chain from the refinery to the aircraft. End users of Velcon’s products primarily include airports, contracted fuel providers, FBO operators, militaries, pipeline operators and — to a lesser extent — commercial and industrial diesel consumers, refineries and utilities.