Colorado Springs, CO, US – Velcon Filters has announced the Notice of Acceptance of a US Trademark for its flow differential pressure module (FDPM), thus making ‘FDPM’ a registered trademark of Velcon Filters.

FDPM® is a computerized system designed to calculate the corrected differential pressure (DP) (corrected for flow and change-out DP) of a fuel filter vessel and determine if the filtering media inside has surpassed its useful life. The FPDM system was developed mainly for use in the jet fuel and aviation industry. Newly revised Air Transport Association (ATA) specification ATA 103 Standards for Jet Fuel Quality Control at Airports requires monthly corrected differential pressure checks as part of a fuel facility’s quality control program.

The DP across a filtration system indicates the condition of the filter cartridges inside the vessel. When DP rises above a certain threshold the cartridges need to be changed because they have reached their dirt and water-holding capacity. If the fuel is being pumped at lower flow rates than the vessel’s maximum flow rate, a correction must be made for measuring the DP across the system. Therefore when a fuel facility operates its systems at lowered flow rates they must calculate the corrected differential pressure.

Velcon’s FDPM is an excellent solution to this problem. In addition to calculating the corrected DP across the filter vessel, the FDPM system is capable of initiating an alarm sequence, which can also transmit a shutdown signal to a deadman circuit to halt the flow of fuel when the corrected DP exceeds a preset threshold.

Velcon’s FDPM takes the guesswork out of calculating the corrected differential pressure, as well as stopping the flow of fuel when filters approach change-out limits.