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Velcon Filters Fuel Filters and Separators

Velcon Filters, a liquid filtration and separation specialist, supplies products and solutions for liquid filtration, separation of water from fuels and separation of water from oils for aviation, refineries, pipelines and industrial applications.

Fuel handling and filtration coalescers and separator cartridges

For aviation fuel handling and filtration, Velcon Filters has developed and supplied coalescers and separator cartridges which are qualified to stringent specifications for jet fuel filtration, specifically API/EI 1581 (formerly API/IP), and qualified to various military specifications such as Mil-PRF-52308J and Mil-PRF-32148.

The filter cartridges and filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants and free water from jet fuel (Jet A and Jet A1) and aviation gas (AVGAS). Pleated paper filter cartridges for contaminant removal from jet fuel are qualified to specification API/EI 1590.

For military jet fuels such as JP8 and JP8 +100, Velcon’s coalescers and separators are designed to handle chemical additives such as anti-icing additives, often referred to as Fizzy®, and the GE/Betz thermal stability additive, 8Q462 (also known as SpecAid). Fizzy is a registered trademark of Hammonds Technical Services.

For commercial jet fuels and aviation gasoline (AVGAS, AVTUR) Velcon supplies water-absorbing cartridges and monitors, which are qualified to specification IP 1583 for fuel filter monitors with absorbent type elements.

Pipeline filtration and separation products

As a result of the research and technology required to develop and provide filtration products to the aviation industry, Velcon has been able to apply these products in other areas and industries, such as pipelines, fuel terminal and refineries. These filtration and separation products are particularly suitable for use in multi-product pipelines that handle jet fuel (kerosene), diesel fuel and gasoline.

For multi-product pipelines Velcon Filters also supplies clay cartridges for removal of surfactants and additives to ensure that the jet fuel meets ASTM D1655 (the standard specification for aviation turbine fuels).

Velcon Filters supplies filter cartridges, coalescer cartridges and separators cartridges, and manufactures pressure vessels tested to the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code and other recognized vessel specifications. We supply carbon steel pressure vessels, stainless pressure vessels and aluminum pressure vessels.

Fuel quality monitors

The quality of jet fuel is of critical importance. The following products are offered by Velcon Filters to ensure that jet fuel meets the correct specifications.

The Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®) uses laser sensing technology to simultaneously detect and measure free water and solid contaminants in fuel. The VCA can be installed as a full-flow device and engineered to automatically shut down fuel flow if wet or dirty fuel is detected. It can be supplied with telemetry and solar panels for remote operation.

Hydrokit® is an effective ‘go-no-go’ field test designed to check periodically for the presence of free water in fuel. Velcon uses a propriety powder designed to change color when it encounters free water in fuel. Hydrokits are available with a sensitivity of either 15 or 30 parts per million (ppm) of free water.

SWIFTKit® detects surfactants in jet fuel. This simple device is used to determine the interfacial value (IFT) of aviation jet fuel. The SWIFTKit is an ideal device to determine the condition of clay treatment cartridges by comparing the upstream and downstream IFT values.

VCA, Hydrokit and SWIFTKit are registered trademarks of Velcon Filters.

Fuel recycling systems

Velcon Filters has designed two products to reclaim fuel for recycling and cost savings. Our sump recovery system (SRS) is a closed circuit system designed to enable operators to re-claim fuel when sumping filters / separators, monitors and other vessels that may have water in the bottom of the vessel. The SRS is designed for truck mounting and is powered by a 12VDC supply.

Oily water separators / coalescing plate separators are designed to remove and reclaim oil from contaminated water. Polypropylene separator plate packs can be installed in steel or concrete tanks. At rated flow they remove oil from rainwater runoff down to a sensitivity of 10ppm.

Diesel and biodiesel filtration cartridges, vessels and systems

Combining over 50 years’ experience in the jet-fuel filtration industry with a sense of innovation, Velcon has developed an extensive range of products for diesel and biodiesel fuels. Velcon’s filtration cartridges, vessels and systems are designed to remove solid contaminants and free water from these fuels.

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Press Release

Velcon Filters Successfully Completes EI 1581 Fifth Edition Qualification

Velcon Filters is pleased to announce the successful completion of a qualification test for the EI 1581 specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter / separators, fifth edition.

White Papers

Filter/Separator Diagram

Vecton's Filter/Separator vessels are designed to remove water and impurities from fuel. They are used at refineries, product terminals, fuel farms and on refuelling vehicles. They are certified by a number of different bodies, and are available in military specifications.

Velcon Filters, LLC

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United States of America

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Press Release

22 February 2012

Velcon Filters is pleased to announce the successful completion of a qualification test for the EI 1581 specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter / separators, fifth edition.

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2 March 2010

Velcon Filters, a supplier of products and solutions for liquid filtration, separation of water and contaminants from fuels and separation of water and contaminants from oils for aviation, refineries, pipelines and industrial applications, is to exhibit at Aviation Industry Expo, in Las Vegas, US

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30 November 2009

Velcon Filters (Velcon), a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Chemflo, a division of Process Filtration. Chemflo, headquartered in Houston, Texas, US, was founded in 1998 by Clay Cravens. Chemflo specializes in the manufactur

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1 November 2009

Colorado Springs, CO, US - Velcon Filters has announced the Notice of Acceptance of a US Trademark for its flow differential pressure module (FDPM), thus making 'FDPM' a registered trademark of Velcon Filters. FDPM® is a computerized system designed to calculate the correc

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30 April 2009

Velcon Filters today announced that US patent number 7,518,719 has been awarded to the company for contaminant analyzer for fuel. The patent covers improvements to Velcon's commercially available Velcon Contaminant Analyzer® (VCA) unit. The patent, based on work by Greg Sprenger a

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Velcon Filters, LLC

1210 Garden of the Gods Road

Colorado Springs

CO 80907


United States of America

Ben Taylor (senior sales manager) Robin Mason (vice-president) +1 800 531 0180 (USA toll free) +1 719 531 5855 +1 719 535 0585 (order entry) +1 719 531 5690

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