The new terminal at Eindhoven Airport has officially begun operation. The opening ceremony was initiated by the first passenger, who was travelling to Stockholm. After the official opening the check-in began and the terminal was ready for use.

The transparent building with large glass facades and remarkable construction, has a surface area of 13,500m² and houses, in addition to the usual transfer facilities, restaurants and shops. The new terminal is able to manage 1.5 million passengers on an annual basis.

With this extension, Eindhoven is prepared for increasing numbers of passengers. In 2001, 280,000 travellers passed through the airport, by 2004 this figure had risen to 680,000.

The design and construction of the terminal took only 16 months. Deerns designed the mechanical and electrical systems, gave assistance for subsidies, advised in the field of safe flying routes and took care of supervision during the construction.

The building has a floor cooling and heating system combined with heat pumps and warmth storage in the deeper ground water layers in order to limit differences in temperature caused by the changing seasons. All these systems make Eindhoven Airport very environmentally friendly. With the opening of the new terminal, Deerns finished a beautiful project in a remarkably short time.