The New Siemens Tilt-Tray Sorter Quickly and Efficiently Handles Baggage - Airport Technology
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The New Siemens Tilt-Tray Sorter Quickly and Efficiently Handles Baggage

VarioSort TTS 1100

VarioSort TTS 1100 from Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions is a new tilt-tray sorter that helps to quickly and efficiently deal with large amounts of baggage at airports.

The solution is based on the renowned VarioSort product line, which parcel customers around the world have used for years.

After extensive testing at different locations under different environmental conditions, VarioSort TTS 1100 was successfully reviewed by an independent team of experts. Siemens has already received the first VarioSort TTS 1100 orders, with delivery scheduled for this summer.

Airports are challenged with growing passenger numbers, and thus increasing baggage volumes. VarioSort TTS 1100, with a tray width of 1,000mm, is based on Siemens’ experience with the well-known VarioSort product line.

Over the last five years alone, some 12km of VarioSort sorters, including 14,000 carriers, 200 inductions and 1,500 discharge chutes, have been installed all over the world. These sorters have proven their reliability in over 100,000 hours of productive operation.

VarioSort TTS 1100 is designed to allow easy operation and maintenance. Energy-efficient linear motors help keep life-cycle costs down. The power supply of the carrier is provided by multi-point power supply via an industrial standard busbar system.

Communication with the PLC controls of the tilt trays is operated via I-WLAN. Because the sorter is exposed to low levels of wear and tear, it has a long lifetime, which in turn leads to a quick return on investment.

VarioSort TTS 1100 features a very robust and reliable design, which is equipped with solid components. The trays, for example, are constructed from robust, high-pressure laminate.

The material’s temperature-related characteristics remain constant, thereby allowing the material to retain its friction coefficient for accurate sorting results.

Industry-standard controls and IT from Siemens also contribute to the solution’s sturdiness. The installed Simatic S7 PLC process control system boasts scalable system architecture, high-performance engineering tools and a number of additional features.

The sorter’s IT can also be flexibly interfaced to the IT in the baggage handling system.

Additional technical information about the VarioSort TTS 1100:

  • Scalable design and modular product components
  • High throughput rate of over 6,000 bags per hour
  • High-speed induction of 2,700 bags per hour
  • Speed of up to 2m/s
  • Efficient control concept with a proven track record
  • Highest level of availability and reliability
  • Redundant PLC controls concept (hot back up), optional
  • Latest Siemens controls: TIA Portal PLC S7-1500

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