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LogX4: New IT Platform for Digital Solutions in Postal, Parcel and Airport Logistics


"Greater individuality, flexibility and speed – we are continuing to drive digitalisation and integration forward in the logistics sector with intelligent software solutions," says Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL). "Despite ever-increasing challenges, our customers can further enhance their profitability thanks to our technologies."

The new LogX4 IT platform is an innovative solution that combines all SPPAL software products. This reduces complexity while at the same time creating transparency, thus allowing efficiency potential to be identified and leveraged along the entire logistics chain.

Modular LogX4 system for individual software packages

Depending on their requirements, customers in the field of postal, parcel and airport logistics can flexibly put together an individual software package on the basis of four different key aspects of the LogX4 portfolio: LogX4 Identification combines innovative recognition technologies for efficiently sorting letter and parcel streams.

LogX4 Hubs offers IT systems for processes within and related to logistics centres. LogX4 Networks contains software solutions for ensuring the optimised control of multiple sorting centres within a network, for example. LogX4 Analytics comprises analysis tools for preventive maintenance measures, for instance.

Connection to the AX4 transport management solution

By combining the LogX4 platform with the AX4 transport management software from Axit, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics has achieved maximum integration and is thus able to map the entire digital supply chain.

LogX4 enables costs to be reduced while at the same time increasing efficiency in logistic management processes. Increased optimisation, greater transparency and reduced complexity allow plant operators to respond to challenges such as

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