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The Siemens Baggage Vision System Enhances Bag Tag Recognition

Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions has developed the new Baggage Vision System to help solve the challenge of non-readable bag tags. The solution uses digital images of the bag and applies highly reliable optical character recognition (OCR) software to identify the flight numbers and airport codes on torn or twisted bag tags.

The Baggage Vision System speeds up the baggage handling process, avoids delays, and lowers handling costs. The new system is currently being tested in the operational environment of Changi Airport, Singapore.

The state-of the art Baggage Vision System is able to determine the next flight and destination airport that are printed on the bag tag by combining OCR and barcode reading. Siemens has successfully implemented the OCR technology in the automation of postal and parcel processes for many years already.

Therefore, the Baggage Vision System is the perfect answer for the day-to-day challenges of modern airport operations: Through multiple loadings and unloadings, bag tags can end up non-readable because they are stained, torn, twisted badly worn out or more simply – partially hidden behind straps or pockets.

Without the Baggage Vision System, bags with non-readable tags have to be diverted to manual coding stations, which leads to additional manual labor and a significant delay in transportation.

The Baggage Vision System offers considerable advantages for airlines and airport operators. The solution reconstructs pieces of missing information needed for baggage sorting. Better recognition rates result, and the number of automatically sorted bags is thereby increased.

The proportion of late or mishandled bags is significantly minimised. Short transfer times can be adhered to reliably. The number of required workstations and the workload at manual coding stations is reduced, and staff resources can be reserved for the really tough cases.

Technical information about the Baggage Vision System:

  • Proven optical character recognition (OCR) technology
  • The number of cameras varies according to the mounting position and width of the conveyor belt: 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree solutions are possible
  • Baggage items travel at a speed of up to 1.5m/s. Cameras are activated when a light barrier is triggered
  • Fast recognition of information on stained, torn, hidden and worn out bag tags
  • Less diversion of baggage to manual coding stations
  • Lower handling costs
  • Avoidance of baggage processing delays
  • Ability to meet short transfer times

The Baggage Vision System is Siemens’ main product at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, from 10 -12 March 2015. Trade fair visitors can test a live installation of the system at the Siemens booth in Hall 4, Booth 1055.

At the Passenger Terminal Conference, representatives from Changi Airport Group and Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions will hold a joint presentation about their experience with the Baggage Vision System at 10:35am on 12 March.

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