Following a period of detailed consultancy with the client, SACO was awarded the contract for supply and installation of a ULD handling and storage system for the new air cargo terminal at Vladivostok International Airport (Knevichi).

The system was commissioned in April 2013 and now enables the airport to efficiently handle ULD’s for import, export and domestic flights. The new terminal is designed the handle mainly palletized cargo by means of a state-of-the-art automated ETV system and is thus going to set a new benchmark for cargo handling efficiency in the region.

Owing to the harsh weather conditions in the region, the terminal will provide shelter to cargo during all stages of the handling process and is prepared to comply with the latest safety and security regulations. SACO supply included an ETV of a unique design dedicated for restricted ceiling heights.

The ETV serves a storage system fitted with friction powered storage decks, four airside interfaces and four build/break workstations with integrated weighing systems. Two SACO Pallet Masters (new generation Ride-On type) and twenty slave pallets complement the system to give additional peak handling and storage capacity.