SACO signed a contract for the supply of an air cargo handling system to MGH Group, a logistics company based in Dhaka. This very first order from Bangladesh was delivered and commissioned August 2012 and includes a lowering workstation, castor decks and elevating truck dock, all suitable for handling 10ft main deck ULD’s (pallets and containers).

Also included are two sets of roller equipment to convert locally available standard flatbed vehicles into air cargo vehicles with rise & sink roller tracks. With the SACO system the client will be able to consolidate and pack goods (mainly textiles) on to IATA standard air cargo pallets in their own warehouse and then transfer these built-up pallets by truck directly to the airport for export.

Because these air cargo pallets are very large (approx. 2.5m x 3.1m) and heavy (max. 6,800kg), it will become quite an exciting new venture for the supply chain infrastructure in Bangladesh. With export volumes predicted to substantially increase in the near future, the handling system can easily be expanded to keep up with this demand.