On the 15 September 2009, ALSTEF signed a 20-year contract with ADM (Montreal Airport) for the operation and maintenance of its new US departures area.

The contract for an amount of approx. $C10m per year covers the whole baggage handling process, from passenger assistance at check-in for baggage drop-off, through to when baggage is loaded into containers by airline companies.

As a result, a team of 70 people have been assigned to cover two nine-hour shifts to ensure the smooth running of the system from the control room, preventative and corrective maintenance and the supply and management of spare parts.

As part of the contract, ALSTEF had to pay $C46m in order to secure exclusive operation rights. Funding was organised by RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) through the issue of bonds rated as A2 by the credit reference agency, Moody’s.

Costs related to operations and debt repayments are charged directly to airline companies each month, according to their passenger numbers.