In addition to the existing Paris – Charles de Gaulle hub, the new T2G terminal, designed for a capacity of three million passengers, will be dedicated to Air France regional flights and Schengen flights on aircrafts with 50 to 100 seats.

T2G’s baggage handling system is built on two levels and allows for 100% baggage screening and the sortation of bags coming from one of the 12 check-in desks.

The transfer bags, intra T2G, are conveyed to the main line where they are submitted to the different levels of the bag screening. The system also allows the handling and sorting of the transfer bags (extra T2G) after screening in other terminals of Paris – Charles de Gaulle airport.

The final sortation is done on a loading line which serves 24 sorting destinations.

The installation consists in one PEDS machine of MVT type from L3C company, for level one and two security control, and a EDS machine of Examiner 3 DX 6500 type from L3C company, for level three and four security control. Bags that have not been cleared through security system after level four are directed to a chute for the level five control.

The out-of-gauge bags coming from check-in are handled on a separate line. The 100% screening is done by a PEDS machine of MVT type.

The baggage handling system for the arrival hall is composed of two deposit lines for in-gauge bags and two reclaim carousels plus one deposit line for out-of-gauge bags.

Alstef’s solution has the advantage of offering several redundancies and easy operation. Innovative solutions have been worked out to guarantee that no disruption of operation will occur, even in the case of a check-in collecting conveyor or a PEDS breakdown. An automatic re-routing of the in-gauge bags to the out of gauge line has been integrated as redundancy mode.

The design of the installation also takes into account the maintenance conditions so that the operators will always have easy access to any piece of equipment.