The latest generation of rubber removal machine manufactured by Jetting Systems has recently been delivered to Kabul, Afghanistan. The client Kellogg Brown & Root required the equipment to be delivered and operational within a very tight timescale, and as a result the normal sea freight was not possible. This coupled with the impossible road journey to Kabul meant that the equipment had to be transported by air.

The Osprey mounted on a robust HINO 700 series chassis was designed specifically to enable it to be supplied in kit form and reassembled by the KBR engineers operating in Kabul. Specialist freight forwarders Volga-Dnepr UK arranged shipment via East Midlands Airport and the equipment was deployed within a few days of completion.

Operating at up to 2,500 bar the new Osprey is capable of removing the heaviest rubber deposits at rates up to 900m²/hr whilst simultaneously recovering all debris into an on board debris tank.

The machine is designed to operate continuously for up to four hours in both sub zero and high ambient temperatures and is now in daily operation.