A further two osprey runway rubber removal vehicles were delivered in January 2012 bringing the total number of vehicles manufactured for military applications to four.

The latest two vehicles are based upon the robust Mercedes Actros 3332 chassis and incorporate a URACA KD724 ultra high pressure water pump producing up to 2500 bar and 28l/min. Water and rubber is recovered simultaneously by a high performance vacuum system.

Rubber removal rates in excess of 800m²/hr are possible and during the hand over trials paint removal rates of 560m²/hr were also achieved.

A new servo drive control system enables removal of rubber or paint over a width of up to 2,000mm and is adjustable down to 300mm without the need for stopping the vehicle. This enables full width rubber removal or paint removal / cleaning applications to be carried out with minimum set up time.

The vehicle can operate for over 4 hours without refilling with water and debris being collected in the onboard debris tank. The Osprey is totally self sufficient and no support vehicles are required.