Luggage trolleys from Wanzl are travelling the world to more than 350 airports.

Since May the Travel 400 2,500 units were delivered to in Terminal 1 of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan’s largest airport, which is the main hub for China Airlines, alongside other 600 Easy 88 duty free trolleys, manufactured by the Wanzl production plant in Shanghai.

To coincide with the delivery, Wanzl took a follow-up order for Terminal 2 of another 2,600 Travel 400 luggage trolleys, equipped with a hinged bracket for additional securing luggage, and 630 Easy 88 trolleys to arrive this August / September at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

  • 5,100 luggage Travel 400 trolleys, and 1,230 Easy 88 duty free trolleys for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
  • 7,275 Travel 400 luggage trolleys for 14 airports in South Korea
  • Wanzl provides quick, quality and customised solutions