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Frankie Youd is the Senior Reporter for Just Auto. She has a background in Journalism with a BA Hons degree from The University of Sussex.

Frankie Youd

Formula 1 design takes to the skies: the development of new eVTOL UAVs

British Formula 1 designer and engineer Mike Gascoyne is taking his expertise to the skies with the launch of a new eVTOL demonstrator

Under the x-ray: improving security at Perth Airport

Perth Airport is on track to upgrade and modernise its baggage screening systems across all airport terminals with A$13m of investment.

Sensing the surroundings: Blickfeld’s LiDAR technology

Blickfeld has turned to the help of laser sensing technology to assist airports when it comes to managing passenger numbers to ensure security.

Reach for the sky: The next generation of aviation

The aviation industry is undergoing change. Future Flight Challenge has been created to assist the industry its evolution.

Checking order status: Cincinnati Airport’s robotic food delivery

Cincinnati Airport has new robotic team members providing passengers with a food and retail delivery service.

Dedrone predicts 2022 counter-drone landscape

Drones pose a serious threat to the aviation industry. Counter-drone technology company Dedrone offers a solution.

Changi Airport Group launches support for invisible disabilities

Changi Airport Group has recently launched an initiative to support individuals with invisible disabilities such as autism and dementia.

Testing times come to an end for UK airports

Changes to Covid-19 testing guidelines for passengers arriving in the UK have changed as of 4 am today.

Increasing autism awareness at airports

Malta International Airport has recently been awarded an ‘Autism Friendly Spaces’ accreditation from the non-profit youth organisation, Prisms.

Let there be light: How smart glass supports airport disinfection

A study carried out by the University of British Columbia has highlighted the importance of natural light when it comes to disinfecting airport surfaces, and smart glass technology could help.