The Terminal 2 expansion of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was designed by ALA Architects in partnership with Ramboll and HKP Architects. Credit: Finavia.
Airlines at Helsinki airport are moving to the expanded terminal. Credit: Ramboll Group A / S.
The Terminal 2 expansion project will increase the passenger handling capacity of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Credit: Finavia.
The expansion project also involved interior works. Credit: Finavia Corporation.

Terminal 2 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL), one of the major airports in Northern Europe, is being expanded to meet the future traffic demand and improve passenger service.

The terminal expansion involves an investment of €1bn ($1.19bn).

The renovation of the existing arrival and departure halls as a part of the Terminal 2 expansion was completed in 2021.

2023, along with the completion of the ten-year development programme of the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The expansion project aims to enhance the competitiveness of the airport in Europe.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Terminal 2 expansion details

The expansion is expected to increase the total floor area of Terminal 2 by more than 45% to approximately 250,000m² (2.69 million ft²) by 2024. It also involves the renovation of the apron area covering 450,000m² (4.84 million ft²) and the addition of 4,800 new parking spaces.

Key components of the expansion include two additional piers and baggage handling systems (BHS), an extension of the gate area, and associated landside and airside infrastructure works. The T2 expansion also involves the creation of additional passport control capacity and a new multimodal travel centre.

The new departure halls at Terminal 2 are connected to the existing check-in and security control area.

A new weather-protected passageway from the terminal to the Ring Rail Line station in Vantaa was created, which is shorter than the existing passageway. The expansion also allows the airport to accommodate more wide-body aircraft and serve more traffic to and from the Schengen area.

The existing check-in functions will be transferred to the new premises while the existing check-in areas will be transformed into a gate waiting area. A new diorama called Luoto was created at the centre of the arrivals hall with a natural stone tile floor. It is visible to the departing passengers through the floor opening.


The construction of Terminal 2 started in January 2019. The renovation of the arrival and departure halls of T2 started in January 2021. The new parking garages P1 and P2 and the terminal’s outer shell were completed by November 2020.

The parking areas offer direct access to Terminal 2 via a lift. A new parking hall, bus station, and taxi station were also built next to Terminal 2.

A new entrance to the airport was opened in December 2021. A new security control and check-in area along with a restaurant area is expected to be opened in Summer 2022 while the renovation of the Schengen gate area and baggage claim hall are due for completion in 2023.

The project also involved interior works, expansion of the gate area for departing passengers, and development of routes for arriving passengers.

The expansion of gate areas 34 to 36, along with new parking spaces in the non-Schengen area for narrow-body and wide-body aircraft, was completed in September 2021. The new area can be used by both Schengen and non-Schengen flights.

A wooden ceiling was installed to fully revamp the airport’s facade. Its wavy form was inspired by Tapio Wirkkala’s Ultima Thule sculpture made from aircraft plywood.

Other developments at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The Terminal 1 extension involving approximately 3,500m² (37,673ft²) of additional space and seven new departure gates was opened in April 2019. The first phase of the West Pier with bridge gates for wide-body aircraft was opened in May 2019.

Airlines such as DAT, Easyjet, and Vueling and charter airlines Jet Time, and Sunclass shifted from Terminal 1 to the new extension in April 2022, followed by Karhuaero Transaviabaltika, Nyxair, and Amapola Flyg in May.

The shifting of airline services to the Terminal 2 extension is part of the airport’s plans to adopt a single-terminal operating model.

AVIA Real Estate and Skanska agreed to build a new hotel next to Terminal 2 in September 2021. Set to be the largest hotel in Finland, the 13-storey hotel, with more than 700 rooms, will be operated by Nordic Choice Hotels. It is part of AVIA Real Estate’s development projects in the airport city area.

Expected to be opened in 2024, the hotel is being built with an investment of more than €120m ($131.27m). It will directly connect with Terminal 2 and the airport train station.

SARC Architects is the main designer of the project while Skanska is the main contractor.

Contractors involved

ALA Architects was selected to design the Terminal 2 expansion and the new entrance of the Helsinki Airport. The design team also included HKP Architects and Ramboll Finland.

Finnish construction firm YIT is responsible for managing the terminal expansion project. SRV, a construction company based in Finland, was contracted to deliver the expansion project and modification works.

PES-Architects, an architecture firm based in Finland, designed the long-haul flight area’s expansion while construction company Destia was responsible for extending the apron at the airport.

Finnish construction companies Kreate and Sierak were selected to build the foundation at Terminal 2.

Kreate also delivered bridge and foundation structures for associated buildings and undertook excavations for the Ring Rail Line connection and a pedestrian railway bridge.

It also modified the street structure and created a new deck for parking and pick-up/drop-off.

Kreate and Sierak awarded a contract to NJ Rebar for the supply of rebar for the project.