The Billings Logan airport terminal expansion project is being executed with an investment of approximately $43.68m. Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM.
The international airport is owned by the City of Billings. Credit: Bradley Gordon.
The Billings Logan International Airport is located in the city of Billings in Montana, US. Credit: Billings Chamber of Commerce.

The Billings Logan International Airport in the city of Billings in Montana, US, is undergoing a terminal expansion to improve the passenger experience.

The terminal expansion project is being implemented in five phases with a total investment of approximately $43.68m.

The Billings Logan International Airport is located over a 2,300-acre property that is owned and operated by the City of Billings. The airport was officially opened as Billings Municipal Airport in May 1928 and was renamed Billings Logan Field in memory of Dick Logan, the first airport manager. The name was changed to Billings Logan International Airport in 1971.

The airport has three runways and associated taxiways along with the instrument landing system (ILS) and other navigational aids.

Construction of the first phase of the terminal expansion project started in September 2019. The entire project is expected to be completed by 2023.

Billings Logan International Airport terminal expansion project background

The BIL terminal expansion project is the first major expansion of the terminal building since the 1990s. The project was first announced in the 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) of the City of Billings, beginning with the design phase. The CIP is a five-year plan document to undertake large infrastructure improvement and construction projects.

Funding for the terminal expansion project has been sourced from the federal grant funds, airport revenue from charges at the airport, and bond financing.

The airport secured grants under the Airport Improvement Project (AIP), a federal grant programme, and executed bond financing with First Interstate Bank, a community bank, to fund the project.

Billings Logan Airport Terminal Expansion project construction details

Phase one construction began in September 2019 and was completed in June 2020. It involved the removal of old underground utilities, site work, and installation of new underground utilities.

The phase also involved the construction of the new West End Stair Tower for American airline Cape Air to support the ground handling of passengers. Other activities included the construction of a new regional gate, and the removal of a concrete air carrier ramp to facilitate the construction of the new A Concourse and a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening area.

Commenced in June 2020, phase two involved the construction of a new A Concourse and new areas for the TSA queuing and passenger screening area, including a new Great Room in the centre of the Concourse. The Great Room provides passenger seating/workspace, a fireplace and bar, a restaurant and a gift shop. The new A Concourse will feature four hold rooms and new public toilet facilities.

The TSA queuing and passenger screening area will be relocated to a new location on the upper concourse level during the third phase.

Phase four of the terminal expansion will involve the demolition of the existing B Concourse and construction of the new B Concourse on the east end of the terminal building.

The interior stairs in the current screening area will be removed and replaced to make way for the new lower lobby area. The new B Concourse will include jet bridges for loading passengers, four new hold rooms, and additional restrooms, upon its completion.

The old A Concourse will be remodelled during the fifth phase to accommodate the new Essential Air Service hold room for Cape Air passengers.

Amenities at the Billings Logan airport

The existing 190,000ft² main terminal building of the Billings Logan Airport includes a food court, ATMs, lost and found service, and a US Postal Service dropbox. The airport also provides free Wi-Fi for all passengers.

Short-term and long-term parking services with four public parking lots are available near the terminal building.

Contractors involved

US-based engineering company Morrison-Maierle was contracted to provide engineering and design services for the terminal expansion project.

Sletten Construction, a construction company based in the US, is the general contractor/construction manager for the project.