EMACS Electromagnetic Airport Control and Survey is an aeronautical information management (AIM) system that makes use of advanced simulation techniques to carry out airport and en-route electromagnetic environment analysis.

It is also used for airport and en-route electromagnetic site verification.

This includes performance assessment of any existing communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) equipment, prediction of the effects on navigational aids (NAVAIDs) from new structures, and NAVAID placement analysis.

EMACS is fully integrated and interoperable with AIS/AIM data and is composed of a set of validated modular 3D modelling and simulation tools capable of tackling the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues that occur within the complex environments of airports and air navigation sites.

It enables the user to calculate and simulate the same electromagnetic features of installed NAVAIDs that are typically inspected during commissioning or standard periodical flight checks.

EMACS allows the user to create a numerical model of the equipment under analysis, either current or proposed, and an electromagnetic model of the environment surrounding it.

It then performs a numerical analysis on the data provided and generates a visual representation of the computed electromagnetic field and the associated air navigation qualities such as DDM and coverage limits.

EMACS also has built-in parameter tools to simulate the behaviour of on-board aircraft receivers.

EMACS main applications include:

  • ICAO doc 8071 requires that the ANSP or airport performs annual flight calibrations (NAVAID flight checks) to check the performance of an airport’s NAVAIDs
  • ICAO Annex 10 compliance analysis
  • Feasibility analysis of new or upgraded airports / equipment
  • CAA planning permissions
  • Support ATC with radar and NAVAID system siting
  • Interference, PSR/SSR coverage and radar maps
  • Airport masterplan definitions