Beluga is a real-time operations management suite that is intuitive, easy to use and adaptable to airport processes.

Completely integrated with all other operating systems and compatible with the philosophy of A-CDM tools. It is used for operational data allocated to internal resources such as boarding gates, check-in counters, aircraft docking positions that serve airlines, update the status of scheduled flights with standard IATA type B messaging and ADS-B.

Reallocating these resources and invoicing these services to the airlines once the operation is performed and validated, and distributing the information to the airport systems (FIDS, CUTE/CUSS, BHS) as sole operational data source and repository for all of them.

In the Beluga solution, some of the most needs airport applications have been incorporated.

Airport operational database (AODB)

It is the solution that manages all operational information from airlines, operations and resources among others. The AODB can make the schedule adjustments typical of daily operations such as flight cancellations, delays, priority missions, military missions, flight diversions, re-routing or other events.

This information may also come from IATA messages, which are automatically incorporated by the system. The simulation module runs a set of what-if scenarios that show what the impact is (chain reaction) in airport resource planning.

RMS resource allocation system

Integrated with an airport slot planning system, Beluga RMS solution stands for a flexible and agile airport resource allocation, thanks to a graphic environment that simplifies the possibility of reallocating resources through a simple ‘drag and drop’ process.

Aeronautic invoicing management

The billing solution gathers all operations data coming from the AODB such as number of passengers or docking time, but also, in general, any item defined in the airport tariff catalogue and use this information to generate invoices individually (per operation) or in a batch, thanks to an assistant that guides the user through the complete billing process, allowing for configuration filters to be applied, and thus making it a very versatile and powerful solution.

Real-time aircraft monitoring

Includes a module for aircraft monitoring and tracking during taxiing, manoeuvring, landing and takeoff, thanks to the integration of primary radar and ADS-B, obtaining exact times and positions in 4D models. This information is integrated with the AODB and also feeds the other Beluga modules.