Airport Tools: Automated Flight Data Systems, Apron and Ground Service Management

Airport tools

Our line of airport tools offer airport operators, and partners who share common objectives, the collaborative decision making solutions they need to reduce delays, improve punctuality of events and optimise the use of airport resources.

Designed to make the sharing of air traffic management information easier, they’ve been developed with operational efficiency and safety in mind. Our tools are tested and proven at sites worldwide, and are ready to improve the performance of operations within your airport environment.

NAVCANatm’s range of airport tools include:

  • NAVCANstrips: a world-leading electronic flight strip solution offering automated flight data management online using touch-sensitive display screens
  • NAVCANlink: providing users with a reliable real-time view of an airport’s radar, traffic, weather, airfield lighting and NAVAID status
  • Windowless Apron Control: a flexible and cost-effective solution for airport service providers and operators to improve apron and ground management service delivery

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