AJT focuses on robust construction, high-quality materials and workmanship, as well as functional capability within its air traffic control towers (ATCTs).

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) / International Civil Aviation Organization (IACO) standards and spatial relationships are the goals. A facility that is tailored to the airport’s needs and budget is delivered.

Services provided include:

  • Simple functional design:
    Achieved through the involvement of authorities and airport personnel, tower operators, experienced staff and associates in the industry
  • Aesthetics:
    The look and feel of an FAA facility while sensitive to incorporating local factors, themes and budget
  • Practicality:
    Conventional workspace and equipment that incorporates economy
  • Safety:
    Compliance with FAA line-of-sight criteria, communication equipment requirements, building and fire, and local code enforcement

Control towers have been designed, built, and equipped by AJT in 18 US states and four international countries. Our capabilities are complete from studies of existing facilities and siting analyses for new facilities through design and construction supervision.

Continual involvement with the FAA regarding security, siting, design and electronics equipment support allows for a smooth tower commissioning.  Working relationships with specialty contractors provide up to date knowledge of costs and material issues.

AJT is a member of the Contract Tower Association Policy Board, which lobbies FAA, US Government and assists in the review of new and existing FAA policies, orders and advisories that impact the contract towers are reviewed by their committee prior to release.

AJT has been successful in providing high-quality, low-cost designs for Level I airport traffic control tower projects throughout the United States.  AJT’s design criteria are derived from FAA guidelines for airport traffic control towers (FAA Order 6480.7C and related documents).

The company applies the essential requirements for safety, security, function and ergonomic design, then implements them in a set of detailed construction documents, resulting in the look and feel of an FAA facility.

Project managers and multi-disciplined staff support designs with bidding and construction phase services, including project administration, shop drawings review, periodic site visits or full-time observation, and as-built record drawings.  AJT has also completed several design / build tower projects.

AJT’s range of airport services includes automated weather observation systems (AWOS), communication equipment integration, and safety risk management documentation (SRMD).