The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted its first resolution to address the growing terrorist threats to the civil aviation community.

The resolution, known as 2309 (2016), has asked all nations to improve screening and use new technologies to identify explosives and other threats in airports.

It also called on the countries to share information about possible threats and enhance international and regional cooperation to counter extremist threats.

The 15-member UN council has also appealed to apply International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and assist ICAO in improving its audit, capacity development and training programmes.

The newly adopted resolution wil enable countries to collaborate with ICAO and the counter-terrorism executive directorate in order to detect gaps and vulnerabilities related to aviation security.

Additionally, the UN council’s counter-terrorism committee has been requested to organise a special meeting in the next 12 months to discuss the issue of terrorist threats to civil aviation.

"The resolution seeks to ensure that all states put in place effective security measures to protect civil aviation."

Speaking at UN Security Council meeting on aviation security, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: “By passing this resolution today, the Security Council has delivered a resounding call to action for the entire international community.

“In particular, the resolution seeks to ensure that all states put in place effective security measures to protect civil aviation.

“This resolution provides for these arrangements to be consistently applied. It also makes clear that precautions should adapt in response to the changing tactics of terrorists.”

In July 2014, after the crash of a Malaysia Airlines flight that killed 298 people on board, the UN unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an international investigation into the incident.

In September of the same year, the UN adopted another resolution in response to an increase in foreign terrorist fighters and the growth of facilitation networks inciting conflicts worldwide.

Image: The UN Security Council unanimously adopts resolution 2309 (2016) on aviation security and safety. Photo: courtesy of UN Photo / Rick Bajorna.