Turkish State Airports Administration (Devlet Hava Meydanlari Isletmesi -DHMI) has selected Germany-based COMSOFT to provide aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) and aeronautical information management (AIM) solution to boost aviation growth across the country.

As part of the project, COMSOFT will replace the existing message handling system installed in 2009 to ensure enhanced consistency, performance and functionality for the Turkish ANSP’s COM-centres at Ankara and Istanbul, including 58 airports across the country.

The project will include two AIDA-NG/CADAS systems in Ankara in Air Traffic Control Centre (HTKM) of Turkey, one base operational AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS system and one individual AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS training system, along with a contingency (AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS disaster recovery) system in Istanbul Atatürk Airport AFTN/AMHS.

In addition, the solution will deliver a huge domestic IP network and security infrastructure connecting 179 CADAS terminals, at 58 remote sites across the country linking to the main sites in Ankara and Istanbul.

Under the terms of the agreement, COMSOFT’s client terminal system CADAS will provide the ATS end users of DHMI with a modern web service for the operation of AFTN-based and/or AMHS-UA-based terminals.

Complemented by a highly sophisticated ATS end user interface, the service will facilitate the management of any ATS message (FPL + associated messages, Flow Control, NOTAMs, MET, others) and respective workflows such as IFPS, Proposal, which is completely independent from the terminal operation mode, AFTN or AMHS UA.

COMSOFT’s message switch that fully integrates the processing of numerous formats in one single application is expected to allow the whole system to be managed by one single user interface, easing the handling of work flows for any message type.

Recently, the ANSP of Georgia, Sakaeronavigatsia installed COMSOFT’s core AIM Database, CADAS-AIMDB, which uses latest AIXM 5.1 technology and facilitates completion of the vital second phase of the ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap.