Al-Ashraf International Airport

Iraq’s Najaf Al-Ashraf International Airport has awarded a contract to Thales to supply one Instrument Landing System and Distance Measuring Equipment (ILS/DME) to enhance air traffic management capabilities.

The contract is part of the country’s efforts to modernise current navigation and surveillance capabilities in Iraq.

Under the terms of the contract, Thales will also provide the required services associated with the new technology.

Adoption of the new technology is expected to offer a significant improvement of safety and efficiency at the airport.

Thales said that Najaf Al-Ashraf Airport is experiencing significant growth with many international carriers running scheduled services.

According to Al-Najaf Airport Authority, the airport received 25 flights per day during the half-day visit from August.

With the significant increase in traffic growth in recent years, many international airlines like Gulf Air and Turkish Airlines running regular services to the airport located in southern Iraq with the Imam Ali Shrine in the region hosting a huge number of pilgrims every year.

Thales, with a base of over 7,000 units deployed worldwide, supply navigation aids, surveillance and tower automation systems as well as provide field services, operational support and infrastructure development.

Image: Thales has been serving Al-Najaf Airport Authority for more than eight years. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.